Kiwiprop:Price and Shipping to:
NORTH AMERICA - Oceania and Other markets without Dealer Representation

Propellers are currently duty free into North America. Local sales taxes may still apply.


The unit will be  shipped fully assembled priced on the following delivered basis.

UNIT PRICE:          US $  1350 + Freight  US $ 150   (total $1500.00 shipped to your door)
SPARE BLADES (when ordered with the Kiwiprop):     US $  110    Each

There will be no  freight charge for extra spare blades delivered with a propeller order.

For spare blades shipped separately without a propeller the following charges will apply:

BLADES(ordered separately):       US $ 110  Each + Freight US $  50    PER SHIPMENT of  Blades

(order of single blade = $110 + $50 total $160.00
Order of two blades = 2 x $110.00 + $50.00 Total $270.00
And so on)


The small letters:

CUSTOMS CLEARANCE, BROKERAGE FEES, DUTIES AND TAXES on shipment are the customer responsibility.


The good news
Currently propellers and parts shipped to the US do not have the charges of CUSTOMS CLEARANCE, BROKERAGE FEES and DUTIES.