SAE and ISO Attachment Options available ex Stock:
Shaft Diameter
Taper Ratio
Shaft Length
Boss Length
Thread OD &Type
Thread Length
Square Keyway
1.000" 1.125" 1.250"
SAE 1:16 SAE 1:16 SAE 1:16
2.750" 3.125" 3.500"
3.000" 3.375" 3.750"
0.750" BSW 0.750" BSW 0.875" BSW
1.438" 1.438" 1.625"
0.250" 0.250" 0.313"
25 mm 30 mm
ISO 1:10 ISO 1:10
53-55 mm 70-75 mm
60 mm 80 mm
M16 x 1.5 M20 x 1.5
25 mm 30 mm
6 mm
8 x 7mm
28 mm 28 mm
S/ Drives SD 40's
3.000" 3.000"
3.125" 3.125"
M16 x 2.0 M20 x 2.0
25 mm 25 mm
Spline Spline
1.000" NZ 1.250" NZ
SAE 1:16 SAE 1:16
2.250" 3.000"
2.500" 3.250"
D.625" BSW D.750" BSW
1.250" 1.500"
0.250" 0.313"
All SAE tapers reduce in diameter by 1/16" for every inch of taper - ISO by 1 mm every 10 mm.
A// North American manufactured and most Australian shafts will follow the SAE standard exactly.
In NZ & Australia taper length may varyr and must be specifiedr with 0.625" or 0.750" BSW nut optional. You will need to confirm these dimensions on imported vessels or those which may have had the shaft replaced and which may not be standard. Do not assume the replacement matched the original.
NB: BSW is the same as UNC in all the above sizes
The sguare keyway of 0.313" for an 1 1/4 shaft corresponds to 5/16"
The above metric tapers and nuts cover all Beneteaur Bavaria and Jeanneau specifications. Metric threads are specified as Diameter x Pitch - both in mm.
NB: A new key Is only normally supplied with SAE 1.250" shafts
The 8x7 mm key above Is mounted 7 mm deep and 8 mm wide
Blank bored bosses are available for local machining to fit non-standard tapers and nuts .... In these situations we forward a blank bored boss for half deposit with machining drawings for the user to arrange local machining with someone who can accurately measure the shaft taper, thread and keyway and carry out the necessary machining and fitting. The boss Is then returned to us for final assemblyp payment of the balance and despatch. We are not a jobbing shop and do not machine one-off bosses. In a remote situation unless you have access to accurate engineering quality measurements It Is virtually Impossible to produce an acceptable product.
While the above ISO tapers cater for modern production vessels - there are many older metric shafts with a very wide range of tapers that differ In terms of taper ratio, length, keyway and thread size.
Unfortunately there Is no such thing as a " metric standard " taper.
Thus It Is very Important to be sure of all the dimensions for a metric shaft outside the major
manufacturers who adhere to the above.